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In much more recent times, two brothers started a printing press of their own in the year 1983 and grew it to such an extent that today it is one of the largest and best printing firms in the India.

Sought after by many leading Multinational corporations  for their excellence in quality and timely delivery no matter how large the quantity of the order, Rajhans Enterprises have also pioneered many  inroad on the printing landscape of India with an endless zeal to become the singular answer for Total Printing Solutions.
Rajhans has constantly looked ahead into the future and lead the way for the rest. Its pioneering spirit has resulted in it placing orders for sophisticated equipment that others saw little reason to acquire until shown the way by Rajhans. Continuing this policy Rajhans has become the first to have in place the majority of print technology be it Offset, Web-offset, Gravure, Wide web Flexography (C.I.Flexo) ,Narrow Web Flexography and U.V.Offset.

Rajhans enterprises currently prints 45 monthly titles, six weekly titles and a raft of newspapers and mono cartons.

Coming back to the founders, taking risks, focusing steadily and channelizing all their will towards nurturing the company and delivering the best to the clients aptly describes the work attitude of Mr.Ravindranath and Mr.Balachandra. Being the Directors, they are the backbone of the company and responsible for the unique identity of Rajhans Enterprises. While Mr. Ravindranath spearheads the projects, administration and finance departments, Mr.Balachandra leads the marketing, production and innovation segments of the company. Together they are the motivational force behind their thousands of employees and the new heirs Mr. Ashwath and Mr. Akash who have trained under their wing. The new blood will infuse much energy and bold conviction making them a dedicated foursome with a singular vision of taking Rajhans Enterprises towards higher horizons like sunflower steadily gazing at the brilliant sun.

Rajhans has in place state-of-the-art printing machinery carried out under one roof to provide any type of sophisticated printing activity. The whole operation is modernized and automatic with latest technology with all infrastructures in pre press, press and post press facilities.

Rajhans Enterprises, India’s first leading & largest Offset and Commercial Web Offset Printers in Bangalore, State of Karnataka and have branches at Madurai, Coimbatore and Davangere. For over three decades now, Rajhans has been setting benchmarks in every aspect of Printing to their valued News both in India and Abroad.