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The genesis of Rajhans Enterprises was modest. The seeds sown over three decades ago by us two brothers: Ravindranath & Balachandra in Bangalore, developed into mighty trees.

While Mr. Ravindranath spearheads the projects, administration and finance departments, Mr.Balachandra leads the marketing, production and innovation segments fo the company.

Together they are the motivational force behind their thousands of employees and the new heirs Mr.Ashwath and Mr. Akash who have trained under their wing. The next generation enterpreneurs have stepped in to continue the legacy of the founders in optimizing business, increasing productivity and investing in product development

The new blood will infuse much energy and bold conviction making them a dedicated foursome with a singular vision of taking Rajhans Enterprises towards higher horizons like sunflower stedily gazing at the brilliant sun.

Today, Rajhans Enterprieses we have the distinction of being one of the largest Offset and Commercial Web Offset Printers in this part of the world. From Strong roots in Bangalore, we have branched out to Marurai, Coimbatore, Davangere & BIDADI